To-Ri-An Tea Ceremony Academy, Meguro, Tokyo
Welcome to To-Ri-An Tea Ceremony Academy, Meguro, Tokyo
The Professors at To-ri-an
¡Souei Funakoshi (ät‰z@@‰p)
Position: Associate Professor .
Place/Birth: Shiga-prefecture, 1969.
Degree: Urasenke Gakuen , Studies in Tea. (2011).
Education: Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. B.A., in Portugese Language and Cultures (1993).
Having job experience in Kyoto after graduating college, Souei Funakoshi was deeply impressed by Okakura Tenshin’s “The Book of Tea.” Souei finds the tea gathering (tea ceremony) to be an important culture to help increase our spiritual awareness for realizing inner tranquility. Above all, he believes that Japanese tea teaches us a sincere way to live.
  Souei Funakoshi
¡Souai Kawada i‰Í“c@ˆ¤j
Position: Associate Professor
Place/Birth: Tokyo, 1970.
Degree: Graduate School of Urasenke Gakuen, Studies in Tea and Education (2005).
Education: Urasenke Gakuen, Studies in Tea (2004).
Ferris University. B.A., in English Literature (1993).
Souai has spent her childhood in Tokyo, New York, and Hong Kong. Soon after college, she worked at Merill Lynch PF&S for 5 years. During the period, she has acquired the chance to join the government sponsored program “Ship for World Youth” in 1996. Souai strongly believes that the act of temae, a manner necessary for preparing Japanese tea, teaches us how to respect and love Others. Ultimately, she believes tea brings peace to the world.
  Souai Kawada
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