Our Classes

Regular Class

You will learn how to make tea step by step. Within a few months of practice, you will learn to enjoy making tea and feel peacefulness through a bowl of tea. Beginners are welcome. You will participate in two or three times of “chakai” (formal tea gathering) and “chaji”(tea gathering including a Japanese cuisine). You will also be required to attend tea ceremonies several times a year at Goto Museum of Art, Nezu Museum, etc.

Admission fee/¥20,000
Monthly fee/¥12,000
Please contact us about trial lessons.
*Tea room management and operation fees will be charged each year.

Kids Class

We believe that children are our future and our treasure. Our goal is to nurture in each student a respect for Japanese culture. Using the textbook “Hajimete no Chado (First Tea Ceremony)” supervised by Urasenke, we teach basic manners and etiquette, such as how to bow, how to open and to close fusuma (sliding doors) and doors, how to stand and to sit on the chairs, how to put on shoes, and how to wrap furoshiki. In addition to that, students will learn the sense of Japanese seasons through cooking and baking.

Admission fee/¥10,000(Elementary school students: ¥6,000
Junior high and high school students: ¥10,000 College students: ¥11,000)
Monthly fee/Twice a month
Target/Elementary school students 3rd grade and up

  • Training dates will be updated on this page.
  • We also offer a trial class for preschool children in spring, summer and winter.
  • The class fee is 3,000 yen per class (including materials).
  • Please check our blog for information on formal tea gathering and other events.